What to do if your child won’t stop smoking weed

Does your child smoke marijuana on a regular basis? Has he been caught several times but still refuses to quit? Don’t blame him, your parenting, or anything else. It is simply because he is addicted. If he does not smoke the marijuana he will become very physically ill and possibly even die. Depending on how many times he has smoked it you may or may not be able to save your child’s life. If he has smoked more than 5 times in his life than it is quite likely that he is already on a level 3 addiction and can no longer quit on his own by natural means.

There are is only one solution

1. Get rid of him. The most simple way to deal with a child that won’t stop smoking marijuana is to get rid of him.
This can be considered “unethical” by some. But I assure you it is quite necessary. It will be better for the both of you in the long run. Your child doesn’t want to be addicted to marijuana any more than you want him to be. In the ancient days men had large amounts of children for this very reason. If one was caught smoking marijuana they would be discarded.

I know that this is a hard truth to overcome but it must be done. If you are unable, there are several services to help you with the disposal of your child. You may email me to find them if you wish as they are quite illegal and I may not post the link for the public to see

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