I can stop anytime I want to

Is a common saying among many pot addicts. They say this to reassure themselves and those rightfully judging them that they do in fact not need to quit the drug marijuana. They think they are just doing it because they enjoy it, because they wanna feel a little of the good stuff. But no, they can’t stop anytime they want to.

This is another reason that marijuana is such a deadly drug. It makes you think that you are not actually addicted. But trust me, you are. Try not smoking for a few days and see what happens, I dare you. “But I don’t wanna, why would I want to stop doing something that is making me feel good.” You may say.

And my answer to that is, BULLSHIT! You can’t stop anytime you want to, and you are doing it because you are addicted not because it makes you feel good. After just 72 hours without marijuana you will do one of three things.

1.  Die

2. Smoke

3. Almost die

It is usually the second one since most people do not wish to suffer the very slow and agonizing death of withdrawal. You need to realize that you are in fact addicted, and that you cannot quit on your own. The only surefire 100% guaranteed way to quit marijuana FOREVER, Is to buy my book. It will inform you on the number one tip of how to quit smoking marijuana and teach you of its grave dangers.

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