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Hello, my name is Dennis Hogarth. I am an aspiring priest of the Westboro baptist church. I lost my job after I became addicted to marijuana against my will by a colored man. Because of marijuana I have lost everything.

Yes, I am a recovered marijuana addict. But before I get into that story, let me tell you a little bit about me. I am 40-42 years old, I am not exactly sure as my adoptive mother found me in a basket floating down a river without a birth certificate. Now although I don’t know my exact age I still take this as a sign that I was meant to do gods work in ridding the world of marijuana. I was raised in a very religious household, every night my grandfather would read me the bible. He always told me that the greatest honor in life was to be a priest for the Westboro Baptist Church.

My grandfather taught me everything I know about the world. And he did it well. Every night he used to read me bed time stories of what he would call the “good ole’ days”. These were back in the days when the South had not yet been conquered after the war of Northern aggression, and forced to give up their hardworking and much beloved slaves. He always told me that I was special because I was found in the basket instead of drowning, so that I must have a purpose in life. I did not yet know what that purpose was, but I now know that purpose is to rid the world of cannabis forever.

I have created this website and written this book as a short guide to inform you on the dangers of smoking marijuana and how to get through your own marijuana addiction. By giving you the story of how marijuana changed my life from a married, successful white man. To a poor, homosexual black one. Along with the collaboration of many other former marijuana addicts. After reading this book you will transform your opinions about weed and turn you from a no good pothead, to a productive member of modern society.

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